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The Alagro - Academia Latino-Americana do agribusiness, was born from the seeds that its creators were sowing in their professional careers. The founders of Alagro, each in their own way, accumulated multidisciplinary and multisectoral experiences over decades. It is known that several profiles are part of the economic activities of agribusiness, among them: agriculture, livestock, cooperatives, associations and agroindustries, thus placing Latin America in global prominence. Having Brazil as one of its great exponents in the production and export of food. We are going through the overwhelming force of knowledge and with the intention of disseminating its propagation, creating sectoral innovative councils with representatives of all productive chains, in addition to diplomatic representation in foreign relations in Latin American countries. Studies show that by 2050, Brazil will lead food production on the planet, feeding more than 10 billion people. Our commitment is to also leverage food security. Our seeds are already sown. The land is fertile and the crops will be plentiful.

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