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Leverage the agribusiness sector in a responsible and sustainable way, uniting the competences of the different sectors that comprise the entire mechanism of production, processing, distribution, import and export. Our purpose is to bring leaders, with the best agribusiness players in Latin America. It will be innovative information, with practical courses, capable of fostering the entrepreneurship environment in the countries with regard to the agricultural sector, as well as updating and potentially improving agricultural productivity and agribusiness in Brazil and Latin America.


Train new professionals with high and modern knowledge to work in the most diverse segments of agribusiness, cooperatives, trading companies, covering new tools in the legal field, management, in high performance in the countryside and in the cities. State-of-the-art, sustainable technological knowledge and new innovations for the sector, regarding the most modern day-to-day practices of rural producers and field professionals, whether in the field of rural law or entrepreneurship. Promote the applicability of ESG in agribusiness. Promoting rural labor compliance, family rural holdings, as well as promoting the applicability of the LGPD in agribusiness, as well as in other activities to assist in the growth of the sector in Brazil and Latin America.


Several products in the area of advanced knowledge, courses, training, conferences, thematic discussion table, lives, articles and participation and promotion of specialized fairs and congresses. We will act strongly in promoting and strengthening day-to-day practices in the field, offering technical advisory assistance in the business and legal areas of precision. We will also provide assistance and create technology platforms for soil development, planting, handling, storage and logistics, involving the entire agribusiness production chain in Latin America. Promotion, improvement and strengthening of family farming in Brazil and Latin America with sustainability.

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